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Who We Are

We are a family owned business based on the Surf Coast in Victoria with a passion for biological farming and improving soil health. We work with a select group of farms with the overall objective to improve soil health and production.

Compost is the cornerstone of our offering which we can make cost effectively and supply in bulk. The compost can be tailored to each site’s unique requirements if required. 

We also have a range of Liquid Composts for a wide range of applications including complimenting a compost programme, use during the growing season, giving a kick to underperforming blocks or sites, post-harvest and/or addressing nutrient deficiencies.

We can also offer guidance on cover crops and grazing management.

With some of our clients we are filming the journey and endeavouring to capture changes to each farm in the words of the farmers themselves. We are confident that over 3 years we will capture positive changes that will create a strong message around biological farming.

So what is biological farming? To us, it is simply doing more things that encourage the life under the soil and less of the things that decimate them.





We work closely with each farm manager to develop biological farming programmes specific to each site’s objective, soil type, crop and budget.


Whilst the major slice of our client base is vineyards, we also work with beef, sheep, vegetable and flower farms.

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