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February 2021
The final stage of preparing compost for market. Screening matured and cured compost through a Komptech 16mm Trommel Screen. Thanks Customized Spreading.
October 2019
Whilst agriculture and compost is a focus of our business, we’re also passionate about recycling. We have been recently engaged to see if we are able to ‘clean up and process’ City of Greater Geelong’s street sweepings using some of the processes we have developed in composting.
Currently around 3,500 Tonnes of Sweepings are being dumped into landfill. Hopefully through our trial we can set up a process that will reduce this landfill figure by up to 90%.”
June 2019
YAN’s or Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen represent the Nitrogen available for the wine yeast to use during fermentation. YAN levels are important for a whole range of reasons in winemaking and if low and not corrected can lead to various wine faults. Last year Dinny highlighted chronic low YAN levels in the Riesling block over the last several years, so we set up a plan which included compost under the vines and a Liquid Compost Plus application pre-flowering and wham!...levels have gone from 2016 – 86mg/l, 2017 – 104, 2018 – 72 and this year with compost and spray 253mg/l!! Exactly where it should be. How good is this year’s Riesling going to taste now!!

March 2019

Rowing up compost at Idyll Wines. Compost is just part of an approach. Our philosophy is that if you do more of the things that enhance soil biology like using compost, use soil/plant friendly sprays like compost extract, fish or sea weed, plant cover crops, encourage biodiversity and less of the things that can decimate soil biology like constant ripping and tillage, use of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, then slowly the overall health and quality of your vines will improve.

Bannockburn Probes.jpg

January 2019

Dinny Goonan makes award winning Riesling. We reckon it’s a winner too. It was great to hear his feedback after putting Compost down in early Spring and a dose of Liquid Compost Plus just before flowering.


"The Riesling vines have never looked better with a large lush green canopy.  They cruised through the heat spikes of January with no signs of heat stress at all."

November 2018

Follow the link to read the CCMA blog on The Farm Water Efficiency Project 

October 2018

Final turn of compost at Bannockburn Vineyards prior to spreading.

August 2018

Installing MEA moisture probes at Bannockburn Vineyards with Sam Bowman from Bowman Viticulture as part of the CCMA On Farm Water Efficiency Trial.

May 2018

Fresh batch of compost mulch ready for the vines at Clyde Park Vineyard.

January 2018

Clean, moist and nutrient rich grape marc being dropped off by McMahons.

December 2017
The threatening storm front that never really eventuated making a nice back drop whilst taking soil samples at Dinny Goonan’s.
November, 2017
Windrowing compost inputs with the telehandler.
August, 2017
New telehandler arrived this will continue to improve the quality of our compost.
July, 2017
We did ask them to put it near the bollard I guess...
18th May, 2017
A great and well attended day at Lethbridge wines with soil scientist Declan McDonald and Debortoli vineyard manager Rob Sutherland talking about some of the positive outcomes they have measured using compost under vine. 
March 15th, 2016
An intimate session with Soil Scientist Declan McDonald was held at Surf Coast Hotel discussing compost application and soil testing.
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