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Whilst not always scientifically backed with replicated trials and statistical analysis the words of Vineyard Managers and farmers are still very important.


“We applied compost under vine in early November followed up with a spray of Liquid Compost Plus on our top Shiraz block. This particular block normally flowers late and can sometimes be problematic getting to ripening at harvest time.

I am very surprised and very pleased to observe that only a few weeks after I can see that this block is well into flowering, ahead of the other blocks on site. We also need to schedule a trim as it has really kicked into life. This is a great result.” - Shane Breheny November, 2017

“I’ve noticed a significant difference in vine vigour and node development along the canes and believe it is directly attributable to our compost and liquid compost program. The soil health has improved which has led to healthy vines and healthy vigour” – David Crawford post bud burst October 2017.
“Can we get more of that Jungle Juice those plants kicked off beautifully!” Terry Jongebloed – Clyde Park Vineyard. Liquid Compost Plus applied to underperforming block during growing season 2016.
“We saved at least 50% water on the compost mulched blocks this summer” – David Crawford -  Bellbrae Estate following the harsh and dry Spring, Summer of 2016/17
“Our freshly planted vines are up to 720mm after 5 months compared to the non-composted young vines at 500mm. These plants will be more robust and producing earlier”
David Crawford – Bellbrae Estate 2016
“Tony – I’m on the fence with your Compost spray. I haven’t seen any difference” Will Derham – Banks Road Vineyard December 2016….followed by 3months later
“Tony my Vineyard man Charlie just came in..he says the Vines where we used your Liquid Compost Plus are at least 20% in better shape compared to the other areas…I think I made a call too early” Will Derham – Banks Road Estate March 2017.
“Our paddocks were a beautiful deep green compared to everyone around us” Chris Davison – Morgiana Beef 2017
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